iMac Music

2013 / 2015 / 2017

Sound and visual performance with self­-made instruments.

Supported By

Fonds Podium Kunsten Dutch Performing Arts Fund      STEIM Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music Amsterdam     

iMac Music at transmediale festival 2017

iMac Music is a series of performances using early iMac G3 computers as recycled instruments. The computers run recognizable software routines on a manipulated OS X desktop, as visual distortions are created on-screen through live-hacking of the circuitry. The sound and visual elements are tightly linked in time and expression, as a single gesture by a performer on the exposed circuitry of the machine has both sonic and visual results for the audience. The work has undergone multiple iterations, including solo free improvisation with traditional instrumentalists, a trio performance with three instruments, and a solo performance with multiple instruments interlinked by common circuits.

The latest version of the instruments use a parasitic sub-circuit dubbed the backseat driver, which resembles a small version of the patch-bays used in classic modular synthesizers. The backseat driver allows the performer to patch various signals from within the computer’s circuitry together with foreign signals in order to disrupt and change flows of digital information at the hardware level. A set of extremely fine-tipped sound amplifying measurement probes are then used as the main interface for performers to play through the layout of the G3’s circuits, seeking out specific sonic signatures of computation.

“Zijn nerds de nieuwe avant garde van de kunst?” (Are nerds the new artistic avant garde?) in Motherboard

Category: Improv