Autonomic Resonance


Improvised speech, hand-made physiological recording devices, visual projections, music AI

Jonathan Reus (speech & electronics)

Momoko Noguchi (speech & piano)


Autonomic Resonance is a freely improvised, reflexive dialog between two performers. The performance arises out of research into non­-conscious activity of the nervous system, and the role of non­-conscious, reflexive sensation in the connection between two people.

The two performers attempt to describe their internal, physiological experiences to one another within the framework of a musical game. Simultaneously, physiological data, such as heart rate and skin resistivity, are gathered from the two performers using hand-­made sensors, and interpreted in real time as sound and visuals by computer software that integrates the data of the two performers, looking for moments of synchronicity and resonance. The software’s responses provide a counter ­voice to the two performers, a virtual 3rd presence, which interrupts and disrupts their self-awareness.


Category: MusicPerformanceResearch