Jonathan Reus [US/NL] is a musician, educator and researcher in the field of electronic music instruments, sonic interaction design and critical computing. His artistic work deals primarily with themes relating to computing culture, software and the capacities of mathematical-logistical systems to capture and represent the world. Musical performance is, for him, a method and means of being material. Together with Sissel Marie Tonn, he is one half of Sensory Cartographies, an artistic project that speculates on new forms of mapping through wearable technologies and techniques of observation and augmented attention.
In addition to his musical and artistic work, Reus has tirelessly worked within local, bottom-up artistic initiatives. Through various forms of artistic curation he has developed a number of unique education formats both within and outside of educational institutions. Since 2013 he has worked as a founding member of the non-profit cultural initiative iii in The Hague. And in 2015 he co-founded The Platform for Thought in Motion, whose principal series The Reading Room was hosted at STROOM Den Haag before going nomadic in 2019.
He was the curator/organizer of the first Berlin-based Algorave at transmediale festival in 2017, along with the performance program The Instrumental Subconscious, showcasing experimental musicians working with deep technological material explorations. In 2016 he helped to design the Digital Media bachelors program at Leuphana University’s Center for Digital Cultures, where he won the teaching prize for cross-disciplinary education for his courses on computational literacy through hands-on artistic practice.
Besides his artistic and educational work, Jonathan is an experienced researcher in the field of electronic music instruments and sonic interaction design. He has recieved the W. J. Fulbright fellowship for his work in the research of new digital instruments for music. He has also lectured on the topic of performative sound and technological mediation at academies of art and design, music conservatories and universities.