What is it Like to be a Bat?

Worn sound synthesizers and biometric collection instruments. Print-outs of recorded biometric data taken in Madeira. Worn body extensions. Video.


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When we perceive an environment we experience a whole sea of relation: of the wind touching our skin, of a multitude of sights, odors and sounds that weave into an impression of the place. The conscious mind-body can also adapt to new configurations of environment that may prove important for survival, or form apocryphal sensory tendencies as a catalyst for evolution.

An exhibition at Zone2source, Amsterdam from the 29th of may -14th of August 2016, created in collaboration with Sissel Marie Tonn at the Orangerie of Amstelpark, Amsterdam.

This exhibition is a response to the exhibition held at the Jardim Botanico herbarium in Madeira. While the first exhibition attempted to create a contemporary entry of biometric data collected for their 400-year old archive of plant specimens, this exhibition reflects upon the colonial history of collection in Madeira, which was a stopping point for acclimatization of foreign plant species before they were brought to the orangeries of Europe for the enjoyment and prestige of the European royalty. We imagined the exhibition as an overflowing of biometric data, to be considered by a contemporary audience within the manicured and acclimatized space of the orangerie.

The exhibition culminated in a performance developed with local artists using worn sound instruments outside in the courtyard of the orangerie.



Category: Installation