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With the stakes so high, we need to keep asking critical questions about how machines conceptualize and operationalize space. How do they render our world measurable, navigable, usable, conservable? We […]

Bela Board Reference

A Bela board reference including some additions to the pin reference available online at the Bela wiki.

Bela I/O Tests

These images show Analog0 (yellow) and Audio0 (blue) playing a sine wave at the given frequency. The waveforms were produced by Bela running SuperCollider.    

The world of stories was situated

Marshall McLuhan laid a groundwork for thinking about the sensory affordances of technology in terms of a theory of sense ratios. Every device allows certain senses to thrive while others […]

Extrasensory Interpersonal Presence

The biological phenomenon of the electrodermal response (EDR) provides a fascinating medium for artmaking, replete with its own poetics. Used famously by Carl Jung to measure upheavals of the unconscious […]


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