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this eye fucks the world

The eyes have been used to signify a perverse capacity-honed to perfection in the history of science tied to militarism, capitalism, colonialism, and male supremacy to distance the knowing subject […]

objects that had betrayed the line

“Paths represent the geometry of the outline of an object.” He read the sentence over and over again but could not grasp what exactly bothered him. The document itself was […]

Active Mapping

With the stakes so high, we need to keep asking critical questions about how machines conceptualize and operationalize space. How do they render our world measurable, navigable, usable, conservable? We […]

Bela Board Reference

A Bela board reference including some additions to the pin reference available online at the Bela wiki.

Bela I/O Tests

These images show Analog0 (yellow) and Audio0 (blue) playing a sine wave at the given frequency. The waveforms were produced by Bela running SuperCollider.    


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