Mapping Everything Else

Mapping Everything Else is a conceptual design workshop for performing artists, musicians, and engineers. Clever mappings are key in building mediating systems that don’t distort or constrict, a good mapping just feels right. But it’s just this intuitive idea of feeling right that makes mapping such a muddy subject to conceptualise. In this workshop we invited mixed groups of musicians and engineers to step away from their computers for a moment and think big-picture about how gesture and sound connect to make expressive sweet spots. Using their bodies and voices, the participants build simple and complex dynamic systems through a series of thought experiments.

working with Georgios Papadakis and Berit Janssen

The workshop was made possible with the kind support of the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (STEIM), and thoughtful insights from interaction designer Kristina Andersen, and performer/composer Joel Ryan.

Category: ResearchWorkshop