Recycled Computer Music

Modified Pentium4 office computers with custom electronics and immersive sound.


Supported By
APO33_med        SNALIS Bricolab St Nazaire

In 2013 I spent the summer in Nantes at APO33, developing a sound installation in collaboration with the SNALIS Bricolab in St Nazaire. This installation is constructed from four discarded Pentium4 office computers. Through a patchwork system of interconnected circuitry, the four machines are able to interfere with and disrupt each other’s operation, corrupting each others’ memory circuitry over the course of the exhibition and eventually leading to system failure.

The visitors are immersed in a textured wall of sound, created directly from the computer hardware through direct amplification of the circuitry as it runs choreographed software routines, an immediate impression.

The machines are arranged with their inner components arranged upon a table for inspection. Visitors are welcome to run their favorite software, such as firefox or VLC, on the machines as a way of creating machine vocalizations and visual confusion.