Software Studies: From Agents to Interfaces

Leuphana University, Institute for Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media, L√ľneburg, DE

What is it that happens aesthetically at the meeting of conscious intention, expectation and the lived experience of digital tools and protocols? This class addresses this question from various artistic, practice-led vantage points as we work to turn the interface and its extensions into our wetware inside out. Along the way we will be constructing flows, rupturing experience and testing the tensile strengths of software.

The goal of this course is to understand core concepts of how graphical user interfaces are constructed. Students should be able to think intelligently and form well-developed positions on aesthetic ideas such as form, iconography and temporal flow as they play out in artworks where the human-computer interface is the medium.
As a course project, students will be expected to create artware inspired by our explorations in class.

Category: Teaching