The Augmented Attention Lab

a nomadic laboratory, experimenting with mediated attention

The main repository of documentation for this project is here:

The Augmented Attention Lab proposes a critical intervention towards the ways in which current technologies scatter attention. Through collective thinking, making and mindfulness practices we take on the challenge of prototyping new habits, systems and tools that augment and fortify our attention against the mass desensitization created by the driving beat of progress.

The Augmented Attention Lab is a nomadic platform, a series of pressure cookers and workshops that attracts practitioners from diverse fields who share a common interest in augmented attention and who wish to address the challenges we face through interdisciplinary collaboration.

We, the faciltators of the lab, work to foster a fertile experimentation space where designers, creative technologists, theorists and researchers can benefit from each others’ expertise in actualizing new sensory paradigms through cognitive “hacks” and technological-methodological prototypes for knowing the world differently. As facilitators, we support the creating of new work while also organizing field trips to locales of critical importance, while invited guest mentors introduce additional tactics, skills and research methods to the group. Participants are free to form new collaborations on the spot or bring already existing projects to work on during the period of the lab.

Documentation of the first edition of the Augmented Attention Lab in the summer of 2019 can be found here.

The Augmented Attention Lab is a co-production with Sensorium Festival, Bratislava 

and is supported in part by The Goethe Institute and The Creative Industries Fund NL




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