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DADAsets is an ongoing interdisciplinary music project, and a response to the cultural and economic ecosystem of voice AI and voice data that is rapidly terraforming the meaning and function […]

In Search of Good Ancestors / Ahnen in Arbeit

In Search of Good Ancestors / Ahnen in Arbeit is year-long experiment in computer generated radio, investigating the nature of datasets and machine learning algorithms as unstable memory. The 24-hour […]

Preparing Yourself for the Afterlife

With Cybil Scott The Mask: One of the oldest and most universal phenomenons of folk culture. In contemporary media and pop culture programs, particularly dystopian fiction, there seems to a repetitive […]

The Augmented Attention Lab

a nomadic laboratory, experimenting with mediated attention The main repository of documentation for this project is here: The Augmented Attention Lab proposes a critical intervention towards the ways in […]

Surfing the Semiosphere

Year 2015 Supported By   Surfing the Semiosphere was a collaboration with Judith van der Elst, whose anthropological work looks at indigenous forms of navigational knowledge. The project has so […]

Mapping Everything Else

A conceptual mapping workshop for performing artists, musicians, and engineers