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A Genealogy of Man-made Earthquakes

multi-modal storytelling via tactile vests, a narrative of voice and vibrations derived from the seismic archive of the Groningen gas fields, sandstone earth core samples, wooden scaffolding and written text. […]

A Conversation with Morton Feldman and Samuel Beckett at the End of History

installation with live generated voice and text: remote-controlled reel-to-reel tape machines, text-to-speech algorithms trained on voice recordings of Samuel Beckett and Morton Feldman, custom software and hardware Comissioned by Asko-Schönberg […]

Hear Say

algorithmically generated voice collage / installation   In HearSay, an algorithm was created to recombine audio recordings of news broadcasts from CNN, MSNBC and the BBC in the period following […]

The Intimate Earthquake Archive

interactive wearable artwork, tactile earthquake vests and haptic compositions derived from the seismic archive of the Groningen gas fields. Interactive radio broadcast system. Sandstone earth core samples, wooden scaffolding and […]

What is it Like to be a Bat?

Exhibition Worn sound synthesizers and biometric collection instruments. Print-outs of recorded biometric data taken in Madeira. Worn body extensions. Video. Year 2016 Supported By                When we […]

Telco Remains of the Pianist’s Touch

Touch transmissions, images and documentation.

Biometric Data Entry, Jardim Botanico Funchal

A sensory cartography of madeira (excerpt)

Satellite Skin

Interactive Installation installation of radio-broadcast furniture constructed from wood, polished steel, acoustic feedback loops Year 2014 – present (presenting different arrangements of body-channel radio instruments) Supported By A radio-transmission apparatus […]

Etudes for Touch Transmissions

Media Performances for bodies and radio apparatuses built from wood and steel, hand-made electronics, acoustic feedback and amplified sound. Year 2014 Etude #1 with Andrie van de Kuit   Etude […]

▖▘▖▘computer music eats itself

installation with modified Pentium4 computers with custom electronics and immersive sound Supported By          ▖▘▖▘computer music eats itself constructed from four discarded Pentium4 office computers gathered in […]